lsidjflsidjf i'm so sorry for not being on here!! i've been so busy ;W;

nothing like cooking yourself dinner after an incredibly fun weekend ;o;

not gonna lie my girlfriend is like... so precious ;W;

I got to see my girlfriend for lunch today and she was wearing the cutest outfit, it was a black dress with a grey, opened collar shirt on, as if she was wearing a cardigan or plaid or so.

Plus she had black tights and was wearing docs.

It was uhh... super gorgeous. She is so adorable. >//////<

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How transfeminine ppl befriend each other (mild lewd) 

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Tone policing is a pretty kind word for what folks are actually doing which is going up in randos feeds to basically say 'I know what you said but you need to check your tone with me, total stranger.'

I am the opposite of a Bambi lesbian but lmao I love cuddles

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I usually visit her in Jersey but she's coming to my Brooklyn apartment!! sdlfijsdlfij I'M SO GAY!

Omg omg I can't wait, my girlfriend is on her way to my place >w<

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1.) The whole "Cult of the Witches' Moon" thing is changing to the Coven of the Witches' Moon. No more cult, we're just a coven (albeit, the coven still isn't real, although real witches are more than welcome).

2.) All this is updated on the main site's front page. The about section acknowledges this started as a "cult" but is actually a coven now.

3.) I'm deeply sorry to any folks who I hurt or upset. I'm here to learn, listen, and change, always.

Hey so, quick admin announcement.

It was brought to my attention that the "witches' cult" joke is pretty hurtful to people who have experienced some form of abuse from cults, whether directly or indirectly. Quite frankly, it can trivialize a lot of the harm done by them.

I take that super seriously, and it was a mess up on my part. So I'm changing things around a bit about how this instance works. (1)

someone teach me how to relax!! ;_;

ooo gosh i'm so tired that i forgot how to relax ;O;

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hey!!! i'm marcy (aka medusa, aka skcb), im not in any dire situation but i COULD use some supplemental income, so im opening up proper art commissions! more info under cut 

GF is out getting us bagels with taylor ham and I'm like

wow. that's a big jersey dyke mood.

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