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Robot trans girls?

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Hey y'all! I'm a nonbinary trans gal rope switch who's trying to do more rope shoots with trans bodies. If you haven't yet, consider following and liking/retweeting my stuff on Twitter, Insta, and Fet!

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If you haven't yet, PLEASE consider leaving a comment on the MEATPUNKS Kickstarter page!! It's the easiest way to show your support, and it does a LOT for us!

@trickster It sucks. I used to do a lot of it, and it was all about prioritizing traffic. It's like that one triangle meme where there are three different requirements and you can only pick two. In this case, it's "good writing," "fast writing," "SEO-friendly."

Robot trans girls?

@trickster A lot of this comes down to SEO requirements. Tight deadlines, overworked freelance writers, new journalists cutting their teeth on simple articles, and writers pressed to hit search-optimized keywords = poor writing built for quantity over quality.

We're getting a lot of traffic btw so there might be some slowdowns until things quiet.

Our instance now accepts members through a review process, so feel free to pass around the URL and invite queer & trans people on birdsite and other places to join.

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Updated the rules slightly just to further clarify things like what "illegal material" is. It's good to be back <:

Kicking things back into gear by sending out new invite links.

lsidjflsidjf i'm so sorry for not being on here!! i've been so busy ;W;

nothing like cooking yourself dinner after an incredibly fun weekend ;o;

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