selfie, eye contact 

@nicole That sounds super nice (rad shirt, also)

Trans Visibility Day is getting me down, since I’m not in a position to be visible. I’m glad I have this space online where I feel like me, at least.

I had a calzone last week and I’m still thinking about how good it was. I need more calzones in my life.

i wish i didn’t feel the way i do. i have a partner, a house, a good job. why can’t i just be happy with who i am? why couldn’t i have realised these things about myself sooner?

anyway that’s probably way too personal, I’ll post some sketches here tomorrow or something

Though, I feel kinda weird calling myself trans, since I haven’t started my transition. Mostly I just feel sad and trapped at the moment.

I’m Ramona, trans woman, UK, 28. I design graphics for a living and draw in my free time.

can’t be out in real life, but maybe i can be out here? that would be nice, I think

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