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Tw smoking and addiction 

I've been trying to quit cigarettes and I've switched to a vape but it's made it very easy for me to take in even more nicotine than I was before.

I called trans lifeline last night and it actually helped. Idk. I'm feeling much better right now, but that could also be because I just called with Jude for 3 hours and also I'm smoking weed so, you know.

The only time I felt remotely okay today was the 20 minutes I talked to Jude on the phone and that's so bad for so many reasons. I know support is important but. Idk I guess I'm worried I'm too dependent on him which will only end up hurting the both of us.

Tw transphobic family 

I came out to my dad and sister while drunk last night and neither have responded in any way. I've never expected my dad to respond well (though I've hoped) but I was never sure about my sister. I hope she comes through but idk, I've only met her the handful of times I visited my dad. But she's still my sister and she's always been my favorite part about visiting my dad. Like I hope she also wants me in her life but I really just don't know.

This squirrel was just chowing down having a grand old time and, may I just say, kin.

80's Japanese city pop and Forza Horizon 4 mix very well

Also ubhhh girls please hit me up idk how the fuck this works but I just want friend!

I'm playing forza horizon 4 and I'm crossfaded and let me say even virtual driving while drunk is reayly fucking hard

Uhh idk how to even use Mastodon but hi I'm drunk and gay!

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