Imprägnierflüssigkeit <=/=> impregnating fluid

genitals but not really visible, trans sex stuff 

so I recently found out I can fold my dick in on itself and it's opened so many possibilities for me

re: underwear selfie 

@rey what a coincidence!

underwear selfie 

hi, my name is Nicole and I am extremely gay

I did a ctf for uni today and I'm so damn proud of my code.

selfie, eye contact 

I love living in a city where I can safely wear stuff like this out.

selfie, eye contact, bra visible 

Took my scooter to Donauinsel today and tried out this iconic workout outfit.

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a charity that supplies swords to unarmed lesbians

selfie, eye contact 

I have no idea what I'm doing but I really like how this outfit looks on me. The swordfighting is completely optional ofc, plus watching people fight can be super fun as well.

Are there any queers in Vienna who'd like to meet up in parks, drink tea/coffee and maybe have swordfights once in a while? I really want to have a group like that but I'm not sure whether there are others who'd be interested.

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tired: everybody can code
wired: computers are hard to program because of decades of bullshit from white men and once they get the fuck out of the way everybody can code in peace

selfie, eye contact, weapons (sword) 

Picked up my longsword from the knife store today and it feels so good to use.

Officially a sword lesbian now.

selfie, eye contact, nsfw 

I love my 🆒🆕 🅱🅾🅾🅱s

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selfie, eye contact, nsfw 

taking a bath~

transition stuff, IPL, injury-ish 

I got some lights flashed at my face again and this time I started bleeding at the end.

couple photo, eye contact 

Here's a sleepy morning photo of my boyfriend and me for

selfies, eye contact, transition timeline 

2015, somehow able to look like this without being out to anyone

2019, after 5.5 months of HRT

Google sure knows how to make me appreciate how far I've come.

underwear selfie, eye contact, knife visible, 

@f2k1de Rockschnalle. ^^

trans rambles (~) 

Seriously wish representation of trans women in wasn't so centered on high-femme ones. My first thoughts of "I might be trans?" are from when I was ~12 but all the transition timelines I came across back then had a boy looking person on the left and a princess with long hair on the right so I thought I couldn't be because the women I looked up to weren't particularly feminine. I wanted to be like Lara Croft but I thought I couldn't if I'm trans.

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