idk. just chatting on here is nice, and also, I don't rly know the etiquette in masto instances, like whether it's okay to just post the same art I'm posting elsewhere

kinda want to actually use masto to share art. hmm

May Day protest this year ended without esclating into violence, thankfully

There was a scare for a second but no gas was fired, afaik! Last year was nasty, though. I could go on and on about last year.

I chose what I am currently using entirely to make my transition more easy to the people around me, since it's similar enough to what I used to (and kind of still) go by. I dunno how I feel about choosing to meet the needs of others instead of my own.

Gooood evening, just here having a weird night thinking about other names for myself. This is always a lot to ponder, ahaha


Mastodon is, like... cozy. I've liked it so far.

I'm sure that can change but it's nice to just chill out, write a thing, and have it exist in a smaller, slower-paced environment.

sexuality again but in an abstract way 

Anyway! Good morning, and have a lovely day, everyone!

I feel like doodling something cute, maybe.



i'm slowly being gendered correctly more and more by complete strangers, even when not being super feminine.

it's nice.

sexuality. again. 

sexuality. again. 

Goooood morning/noon! Hopefully gonna have doodles to post soon...


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