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Witches' Pub is a Mastodon instance run by Ana Valens. The instance is dedicated to the Coven of the Witches' Moon, a "queer girl coven" where members smoke weed and worship the witches’ moon on Saturday nights. She came up with the idea on Twitter in a thread during February 2019, where she called it a cult. Since then, it's become a coven, and it's been a running theme ever since.

Suffice to say, no, the Witches' Moon coven isn't literally built for witchcraft. It's a loose community where queer women can get together, signal that they're queer, and feel a sense of comradery. Any queer woman can join; if you want to be in, you're already in.

If you'd like to signal to others that you're part of the Witches' Moon coven, you can use the emoji string "πŸŒΏπŸŒ™." This isn't mandatory, although it's a nice way to queer signal.

Who can join Witches' Pub?

Witches' Pub is primarily built for queer women. If you are a) a queer woman, or b) otherwise feel the phrase "queer woman" or "queer girl" feels right for you, you are welcome to apply to join!

Witches' Pub is also open to people who do not identify as queer women but support queer women or otherwise serve as allies. However, Witches' Pub is predominantly built by and for queer women, which means queer women in the registration queue are prioritized during heavy registration periods.

How can I join Witches' Pub?

Fire off an email to Ana Valens through ana.wythe@gmail.com. She'll hook you up with an account.


Members must be 18+

At times, 18+ material may be posted on this instance. All members must be 18+ to join. Any users found to be underage will be immediately removed, no exceptions.

No illegal material

It should go without saying, but any user who posts illegal content (i.e. depictions of child sexual abuse) will be immediately banned and removed.

No harassment or bigotry

This should go without saying, but harassment and bigotry is outright banned. This is an inclusive space and one that makes room for all sorts of queer people; if you feel "queer woman" describes you and your identity, or you feel allied with queer women and their liberation, you're welcome to join.

Use CWs and hide photos of 18+ material

While adult material is allowed on this instance, it must be hidden under a content warning with a tag such as "NSFW" or "18+." As a general rule of thumb, if it feels too explicit to see in a workplace setting, it has to be tagged.